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Dark Side Troopers Charities

While some of our members enjoy the popular "bad guy" characters, we have found that we can do good things. DST members have been involved in charity fundraiser events and donate funds, toys and food to charities in need.

In the past DST members have helped support a number of local charities including:
  1. Christmas for Kids
  2. YWCA
  3. forkatie.org
  4. Oregon Food Bank
  5. Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children
  6. Starlight Starbright Foundation
  7. Stars of Hope (Regal Cinemas)
  8. Numerous local schools
Our charitable work not only includes donating funds, but also our personal time. We regularly visit sick children in the hospital. Check out some information and photos about these upcoming and previous special events!

Funds that we collect during the year are currently being distributed to Christmas for Kids located in Portland, Oregon. Please check out their website for more information about this fantastic charity.

In 2005, DST worked to support forkatie.org. Katie was a young girl who fought bravely against a terminal glioma brain tumor located in the pons of her brain stem. During her fight she inspired many people around the world to help her. On August 9, 2005 Katie beat her battle with cancer and DST kindly asks you to take a few minutes to visit her memorial website. Katie will be missed, but never forgotten.

We would love to give to each and every charity, but we feel that focusing in on one or two charities is the best use of funds raised throughout the year. Nevertheless, if you want Dark Side Troopers to participate in other charitable work, we'd he happy to lend a hand to help your charity.

Annual Donations
Here is a breakdown of our annual donations to local charities since the inception of DST in 2005:

YearDirect DonationsIndirect DonationsTotal
Grand Donation Total$8,908

Please note that direction donations are funds that DST collected and directly turned over to our charities of choice. Indirect donations are funds that DST did not handle but helped raise for the event charities where we participated. Examples include auctions, school fund raising events and private appearances with other groups.

During our annual general election period that occurs each April, Dark Side Troopers holds a review of our charitable work. It is at this time that we as a group decide how funds for the coming year will be donated. If your charity would like to be considered please let us know.

We're happy to help you in your charity work and if you would like us to make an appearance at your public or private charitable event, please fill out and submit our online event form.

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