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Dark Side Troopers FAQ

Here is a general FAQ that will help you understand something about Dark Side Troopers.


Q: How do I join Dark Side Troopers and whom do I contact for membership?
A: Check out our enlistment page, then feel free to contact our Membership Liaison.

Q: Can minors under the age of 18 join?
A: You must be at least 18 years of age to join Dark Side Troopers. Under no circumstances will an exception ever be made. A minor is someone under the age of 18. Minors are considered children by the law and are not responsible for themselves. Once someone reaches the age of 18, the law recognizes them as adults. Under the law, minors are not responsible for their actions.

Q: I want to join and I have a child under 18, is it okay to troop together?
A: Absolutely! Since you are an adult (over 18), you will be responsible for any children under your care. DST welcomes parents to troop (and bond) with their kids at events. Many fans love seeing the little ones dressed up, and at certain events they are a hit. However, some events we attend do not allow minors, but fear not because that information will be communicated well in advance of the event date, plus we do many family oriented events year round.

Q: I'm a member of another fan club, is that okay?
A: Yes, we will not prevent anyone from joining us simply because of their affiliation with another group.

Q: What costume membership requirements does DST have?
A: Costumes must be authentic, canon costumes from the movies or licensed media (games, books, etc.). Costumes must be devoid of stickers, ornamentation, or any other decoration not found on the original costumes. Costumes must be complete, containing all the parts in good working order and appearance.

Q: How do you determine active vs. inactive members?
A: To be considered active, you need only attend one Dark Side Troopers event per year. We plan many events, so it's very easy to remain active. We're a very open and welcoming group so we're sure you'll have fun at our events, and will want to do more!


Q: I really like your costumes. Where do I buy one?
A: The costumes displayed are the result of careful research, fabrication and a lot of hard work. The majority of our costume components are hand built and assembled in our spare time. Certain talented artisans across the country provide limited kits and other scratch built pieces for those components that are relatively difficult to fabricate. Given that the likenesses portrayed by these costumes are copyrighted images, however, it must be stressed that there are no businesses that sell complete Star Wars costumes. Also, it must be further noted that DST does not provide or manufacture costumes for purchase. The most common available item is the stormtrooper "kit", which contains all the hard plastic armor components necessary to assemble a stormtrooper costume. This item was once sold through various providers. However, due to the potential liability associated with selling such an item, it is no longer in production. Kits do turn up privately on eBay and other costuming boards. A little persistence online is usually what it takes to get started on a great costume. Potential members seeking armor, props or other associated costumes feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to direct you to whatever sources that are currently available.

Q: Can I just use a store bought costume?
A: No. Although we accept costumes where some parts of the costume are from store bought products, simply going out to the store and buying a costume is not enough.

Q: How do you define an acceptable costume?
A: A costume should be recognizable if one is familiar with the type of costume you are creating. It should be complete, that is you have the entire costume, not just one piece of it. It also needs to look professional. A bathrobe, a set of pajamas and a flashlight don't qualify as a Jedi costume. For more information contact us and we'll be able to help you upgrade or customize your costume.

Q: Do you accept customized and original costumes?
A: Absolutely! We love to see how creative our members can be. Just look through all the Star Wars publications to get an idea of what is possible. We generally do accept all custom or original costumes (as long as they meet our quality guidelines), and such costumes are usually designated as Informal/Non-Canon.

Q: Do you accept costumes from the Expanded Universe (books, comics, games, etc.)?
A: Yes we do. However, some events require canon costumes. All events that require canon costumes will be noted as such in our event correspondance. If your costume is based on an obscure character, please provide us with reference images or text from the novel that your character comes from so that we can accurately judge your costume. All costumes based on the Expanded Universe are designated as Informal/Non-Canon.

Q: What are the guidelines regarding my costume?
A: Membership requires an appropriate Imperial or Rebel themed costume and is based on the following two criteria:
1. AUTHENTICITY: It is important that your costume represent canon in regards to the films. In essence, the costume you wear must be screen accurate and readily recognizable in regards to the Star Wars films. Although such off screen concepts as a "Sith Witch" or a "Mandolorian Commando" are visually appealing and provide some wonderful costume opportunities, they are usually unrecognizable to the average fan during DST events. Similar modifications to canon based costumes, such as adding decals, stickers or a modified paint scheme also poses a similar problem. It is imperative that the costume used for public appearances can be easily identified with the films. Staying true to film canon facilitates that process. Nevetheless, an Informal / Non-Canon costume is welcome but be warned that such costumes may not be acceptable for appearances.
2. QUALITY: Although Dark Side Troopers is a fan-based organizations, we pride ourselves in our professionalism regarding the quality and authenticity of our costumes. In an effort to stay true to film canon, all efforts must be made regarding the materials, construction and presentation of one's costume. Although there are no concrete guidelines regarding what constitutes a quality costume, a potential member must make a solid effort in providing a superior costume for public appearances and events. On another note, the pursuit of the "perfect" costume lends itself towards learning various costume fabrication techniques and will aid other members and potential members.

Q: How can I get help in finishing off my costume?
A: Contact us! We have regular armor parties and have seasoned people on hand to help out and give advice.


Q: What type of activities does your group do, and how do I learn what you have done before in the past?
A: Dark Side Troopers makes appearances at events ranging from conventions to performing service in our local community. To get a list of activities that our group plans to do along with checking out what we have done in the past, please check out the events section of our site.

Q: How do you select which charity to support?
A: Each year Dark Side Troopers gathers together to review the previous year's charity work and looks ahead to the next year. At this time we decide as a group to continue with our current charity, or switch to another. If an event/organization already has a charity, we will help support that charity and the people hosting the event rather than our charity of choice.

Q: Does your group charge or ask for anything in return for appearances?
A: Our group exists as an organization that assists non-profit / not-for-profit organizations so we do not charge for our appearances. We simply ask for access to an event and a place to change and store our costumes. However, a donation made to our charity of choice, in our name, is always welcomed!

Q: I would like Dark Side Troopers to participate in an event, whom do I contact?
A: If you would like our group to participate at any event, please fill out and submit our online event form.

Q: How do I make contact with a Dark Side Trooper members?
A: Dark Side Troopers covers Oregon state. Please refer to our contact page on this site to contact the appropriate personnel.

Q: How can I help out with Dark Side Troopers?
A: Contact us! We'll be glad to hear from you.

Q: Why does DST have both Imperial and Rebel Alliance costumes in its ranks?
A: Locally, we want to make events more memorable for fans and kids so by blending both factions into one we are able to close the communication gaps that exist in other markets. Also, because this is a small community, by incorporating all Star Wars costumes together in DST, we can help each other out more effectively than by operating as distinct entities.

Q: Is your group in anyway affiliated with Lucasfilm Limited?
A: Dark Side Troopers (DST) is a fan-costuming groups inspired by the Star Wars saga. There are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Lucasfilm, Ltd. or any if its affiliates or licensees. The Star Wars name, logo, trademarks and characters are all property of Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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