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Did you see us at an event? Did you have your picture taken with us? Visit our Photo Gallery to find your picture and download it. The gallery is constantly changing and new images go up all the time.
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Historical Dark Side Troopers Events

Below is the complete list of all DST events we have participated in, that are archived in our online photo gallery. Private events such as birthday parties are not listed along with any other events where privacy may be important.

Events are listed by year and date.

Click each link to view the photo album for that event, or visit the main photo gallery here.

2005 Event Photo Album
12/14/2005 - Starlight Foundation Charity Auction
12/10/2005 - Battlefront II Xbox Party
12/10/2005 - Our Children's Store
12/07/2005 - Christmas for Kids Shopping Day
12/03/2005 - Supporting the Troops
12/01/2005 - Pleasant Valley Elementary Book Fair
11/12/2005 - Lights, Camera, Auction!
11/05/2005 - Suncoast EPIII DVD Release
11/01/2005 - Rob's Special TRU Appearances
11/01/2005 - Toys R Us EPIII DVD Release
10/31/2005 - Hollywood Video EPIII DVD Midnight Release Party
10/29/2005 - Portland Winterhawks Hockey Game
10/28/2005 - Woodland Elementary Harvest Festival
10/17/2005 - River HomeLink Fundraiser
10/07/2005 - TEKSystems Charity Appearance
09/28/2005 - Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children
09/28/2005 - Pleasant Valley Elementary Open House
09/04/2005 - Fan Appreciation Day, PGE Park
08/13/2005 - PDX LAN Expo
07/23/2005 - Gresham Community Fair
07/23/2005 - Gamer's Guild Grand Opening
07/09/2005 - Game Crazy
07/08/2005 - Armour Party
05/28/2005 - Vendor Appreciation Day
05/21/2005 - Gresham 100 Year Celebration Parade
05/19-22/2005 - Revenge of the Sith
05/18/2005 - Revenge of the Sith: Photos by Rob Ison
05/18/2005 - Revenge of the Sith: Opening Night
05/14/2005 - Food Bank Charity Day
04/17/2005 - DST T-Shirt Photo Shoot

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