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Welcome to the Dark Side Troopers
Dark Side Troopers & Hollywood Video present the SCI-FI SWAP 'N' SHOP
Dark Side Troopers partnered with Hollywood Video to present the SCI-FI SWAP 'N' SHOP (at the end of the universe) to benefit the Starlight-Starbright Foundation and the Oregon Food Bank!

Dark Side Troopers is proud to announce this event was a success! We wish to thank all the vendors and the patrons who attended. DST was able to make two donations, one to the Oregon Food Bank ($102 and food) and another to the Starlight Starbright Foundation ($402). We sincerely thank Hollywood Video and Game Crazy for their support for if they did not assist in donating the space and volunteer staff, our efforts would have been magnified to put on this event.

DST is looking forward to the next SCI-FI SWAP 'N' SHOP and we hope you are too!

-------------------------- HISTORICAL EVENT INFO --------------------------

This is a science fictioned themed flea market bringing together dealers and collectors to buy, sell or trade anything and everything sci-fi.

WHEN: Saturday June 10, 2006 from Noon to 7 PM.

WHERE: Hazel Dell Hollywood Video. 303 NE 78th St, Vancouver, WA
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ADMISSION: $1.00 or a can of food for the Food Bank.


DEALER INFO: Table Pricing: $25 or Table & back-wall shelf: $35. Tables are 5 feet in length and are standard width and height. Shelves can not be purchased without a table. One shelf per table. Dealers may purchase more than one table. Shelf is designed to hold DVD's and can not be adjusted. Dealers may bring their own shelving unit (no additional cost), however, the shelf cannot be wider than 5 feet. Dealers who purchase more than 1 table may have shelving units wider than 5 feet; however, a dealer may not encroach on another dealer's space. If you require a larger area for shelf/display space, contact us to secure an end table. All materials that a dealer brings must be able to fit through a standard interior door.

Dealer set up starts at 10 AM. You will have 2 full hours to setup your table(s) before the general public is allowed in to shop.

Dealers are welcome to sell any sci-fi related item. However, since Hollywood Video is the host, no dealer may sell DVD's, Videos or Video Games. Sci-Fi anime is acceptible.

Dealers may hang signs or banners from their tables, or on the walls behind their tables. Please check with Hollywood staff before hanging your banner on the wall.

Dealers must sign a liability waiver form. This form will be provided on event day. Please ask for an advance copy if you would like one.

From 5 to 7 PM this store has its heaviest foot traffic of the day.

Tables must be purchased by May 1, 2006. No refunds after May 15, 2006.

REMAINING TABLES: There are only SIX (6) tables left! View or download the event floor layout. As tables are reserved, or sell, this map will be updated.

CONTACT INFO: Call 503-231-5752 or email vendors@darksidetroopers.com for more information and to secure your table.

DEALER LISTING: Comic Book Closet, D & S Sci-fi Toy World, Mind Candy, Just Be Toys, Mental Mischief, Gamer's Guild and a few individual collectors.

Your participation will greatly help these two fantastic charities! Purchase your table today!!

Additional event details will be published from time to time as we answer questions from vendors. Please kep checking this page for updates!

View or download the vendor event flyer (2 MB PDF) or the attendee event flyer (2 MB PDF).

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